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Lecture & led breathing - Think about your health

Think About Your Health - Lecture & led breathing ANDRI ICELAND hosted a conference in 2023 - where we had the amazing James Nestor, Dr. Susanna Søberg, Dr. Kristín Sigurðardóttir, and Andri talking about the importance of self-health. Think about your health - Breath, Cold, Stress & Resilience Conference. Took place on February 18th, 2023 in Harpa Conference Hall. In this lecture, Health & Personal Development Coach, Vilhjálmur Andri Einarsson covers powerful Mind-Body techniques to learn how to be ok no matter what and ends his lecture with a wonderful led breathing. Total time: 49 minutes Practical information: - Online lecture - Learn at your own pace, you can watch this often, anywhere, and anytime over a 12-month period. - Many Icelandic unions provide funding for up to 90% of the lecture price. - Workplaces can apply for funding through the Vocational Training Fund at - The Labor and Employment Agency offers the possibility of a grant for up to 75% of the price.


ISK 24,000
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