The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't, are both right.


This is about you

What if there was a way to tap into our inner abilities, our forgotten inner knowledge, and regain conscious control, not only over the deeper parts of the brain but to all systems? Away from the suppression of feelings/emotions, therefore living with less stress, more vitality and joy.  

  • Cold Therapy, has been in use for centuries, from monks in the Himalayas to kids in the kindergartens of Russia. Increasingly popular today thanks to Wim Hof and bio-hackers around the world, these simple, yet powerful techniques take you to the core of your physical, mental and consciousness practice, like a fast track to boost your health and overall well-being. Proper exposure to the cold starts a cascade of health benefits. 

  • Breath-work- science-backed technique, which brings back the awareness of the tremendous potential for more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response.  Transforming your physical health by re-writing every cell’s productivity. 

  • Mindset / Power of the mind - is about upgrading those believe systems that are holding you back and upgrading that old Windows 95 at last. Rediscovering the upmost potential the brain has over our bodies and well-being. Following the work of world renown doctors in various fields drawing the way on the latest research on the power of our minds. Armed with focus and determination you are ready to explore and eventually master your own body and mind.


We share with passion the methods that have been helping so many transform their lives, including ours. Tools that can be approached from various angles, whether it is for more endurance, work on a particular pain or rediscover the depths of what we are truly capable of!


Andri Lost 30 kg in 7 months.
Got Rid of Depression and Anxiety.
His Chronic lumbar pain due to spine injury when he was 13, gone (and 90% less pain in only 3 weeks after starting using the cold).
By combining Cold Therapy (Wim Hof Method), Breathwork, Mindfulness, Conscious Movement and other techniques. 
"I am the proof that these methods work... and if I turned my life around, you can as well!" 

This is how I went from ZERO to my own HERO


Tanit recovered from a corporate burnout after decades of pushing her limits to be a top achiever and obtaining everything in life which society tells you it should bring you Happiness. 
She Got Rid of the need for people to Approve her and the invisible feeling of never being good enough. 
After redefining her personal Goals she is thriving by leading others into finding their own transformational story. 
By combining Cold Therapy (Wim Hof Method), Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness and the Power of the mind. 

Watch Tanit's TEDx talk about her burnout success story


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