Gift Certificate

Ready to give the gift of a new lifestyle and better well-being? 

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A workshop is more suitable for people that like working in a group format. Ideal for someone that has been wanting to try Cold Therapy and has not yet taken the step to get started or has been trying it and would benefit from learning specific ways and in-depth methods on how to use cold and breathwork to optimize their physical and mental well-being in multiple ways. 


A private session enables a space for working on customized needs without the need to follow a specific workshop structure. Private sessions will be directly focused on what the person (or a couple) wishes to work with and target that directly, no matter what the goals are. 


The LIMITLESS program is a fully customized program over a week or a month time.

Purchasing a gift card for a specific amount is also available upon request (which can be used for any of our services). 

Overall this is suited for anyone that would like to make a definitive transformation in their mental and physical wellbeing and address the following: 

  • More Endurance

  • Optimal Health

  • Chronic Pain

  • Stress Relief

  • Mental Peace

  • Weight Loss

  • Better Sleep

  • Mental Focus


What you will receive:

Gift Certificate. High-resolution PDF (print version) via email. 

You can contact us if you have any questions.


For over 30 years I struggled with chronic pain, migraines, depression and anxiety. By combining simple yet powerful techniques, I turned my life around. I am now in my true power, mentally and physically. Something that you can learn too and take that to your daily life.

The focus of my work is STRESS. Teaching simple yet powerful techniques on how to work and be ok under stressful conditions. Learning to keep a clear focus without letting the situation control you. Taking that practice to your daily life.

STRESS is directly linked to your immune system and overall mental and physical wellbeing. It is time to take your power back!

I often have people attending my workshops or private sessions that were given to them as a gift. And they now have their own transformational stories to share.