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Myotape munnplástur 90 stk.
Large tape: adults and teenagers 16 years +

1 pack includes 3 months of tapes (90 units)


  • Prevent Mouth Snoring
  • Improve Sleep Apnea and support CPAP
  • Help Focus, Improve Sleep Quality, and Reduce Fatigue
  • Improve Dental Health


Introducing MyoTape Nose Breathing For Adults, a revolutionary solution designed to promote nasal breathing and transform your sleep quality. Our hypoallergenic mouth tape is expertly crafted with skin-friendly adhesive and gentle cotton material to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Ideal for use with CPAP machines, MyoTape delivers a comprehensive approach to improving your sleep, health, and well-being.


Experience the multitude of benefits that come with nose breathing, including reduced snoring, enhanced focus, and improved dental health. MyoTape is specifically designed to support those struggling with sleep apnea and mouth snoring, resulting in a better night’s sleep and reduced fatigue throughout the day. Our easy-to-apply tape is as simple as stretching, securing, and removing.


Unlike other lip tapes, MYOTAPE does not cover the mouth. Instead, it gently surrounds the mouth, bringing the lips together with a light, elastic tension that helps to maintain lip closure and ensure nasal breathing.


When used alongside breathing exercises, MYOTAPE:

  • Prevents mouth snoring

  • Reduces symptoms of sleep apnea and supports CPAP

  • Boosts focus,

  • Improves sleep quality, reducing fatigue

  • Lessens the symptoms of asthma

  • Improves dental health

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Enhances athletic performance and stamina

MYOTAPE adults | Munnplástrar fyrir neföndun

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