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Fat Loss

Fat loss 

Cold | Breathwork | Movement


Cold and breathwork have many recognized health benefits. One of the less-discussed “effects” of working with cold exposure and breathwork is fat loss. 


The 2 known pillars for fat-loss are Nutrition and Exercise. In this workshop, we will focus on a third one: thermogenesis. Using cold exposure, thermal regulation, to lose excess fat.

There are 3 ways in which the body releases fat: urination, sweating, and breathing. Most of the fat is released through the lungs as CO2. We will also work with evidence-based breathwork techniques to boost your metabolism, regulate stress, sleep better and rebalance. 


Andri lost 30 kilos of excess fat after applying these methods himself 4 years ago and he will be leading you in this fat-loss workshop. 


In this workshop you will learn:

  • The 3 pillars of fat loss: Nutrition, Exercise, and Thermoregulation

  • How to work with cold exposure to loose fat

  • Breathwork for thermoregulation, fat loss, energy, mental and physical balance.

  • Understanding and managing stress. Building stress resilience

  • Movement for fascia release and thermogenesis

  • Power of the mind and the influence on your physiology. Mind-body connection.

  • The science behind the practice

  • Optional: Outdoor adventure to practice in nature

Fat loss workshop - Fitubrennsla
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