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Fat Loss

Fat loss 

Cold | Breathwork | Movement


Cold and breathwork have many recognized health benefits. One of the less-discussed “effects” of working with cold exposure and breathwork is fat loss. 


The 2 known pillars for fat-loss are Nutrition and Exercise. In this workshop, we will focus on a third one: thermogenesis. Using cold exposure, thermal regulation, to lose excess fat.

There are 3 ways in which the body releases fat: urination, sweating, and breathing. Most of the fat is released through the lungs as CO2. We will also work with evidence-based breathwork techniques to boost your metabolism, regulate stress, sleep better and rebalance. 


Andri lost 30 kilos of excess fat after applying these methods himself years ago and he will be leading you in this fat-loss workshop. 


In this workshop you will learn:

  • The 3 pillars of fat loss: Nutrition, Exercise, and Thermoregulation

  • How to work with cold exposure to loose fat

  • Breathwork for thermoregulation, fat loss, energy, mental and physical balance.

  • Understanding and managing stress. Building stress resilience

  • Movement for fascia release and thermogenesis

  • Power of the mind and the influence on your physiology. Mind-body connection.

  • The science behind the practice

  • Optional: Outdoor adventure to practice in nature

Fat loss workshop - Fitubrennsla
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