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General Business Terms and Conditions

The following are Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) of agreements made between Andri Iceland, Icelandic company registration number 690818-0430, registered at Fiskislóð 53, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland (“Company”) and its customers (“Customers"). The Terms and Conditions apply from January 12th, 2022. 

By purchasing Services or Products from the Company, as they are defined below, you agree unconditionally to these Terms and Conditions. 


1. Services and Products

  1. The Company provides its Customers with various services within mental and physical health, including private coaching, workshops, courses and planned healing travel packages (“Services”).  

  2. The Company may from time to time offer its Customers various products for sale (“Products”). 

2. Terms of Prices, Payment, and Refunds

  1. The price for the Service or Product is subject to change without notice. In such occurrences the Customer will be notified of the change before it is applied. Prices that are published on the Company’s website include VAT.

  2. The Company accepts payment by debit cards, credit cards, cash, and bank transfer. Any purchase of Services, Products or gift cards shall be finalized before delivery. Instalment payments are however warranted, provided that the first instalment payment registers on the day of the purchase. Following charges are collected at the beginning of each month, regardless of the day of purchase, and the final due date is the 7th day of each month. If the payment has not been received on the final due date, Customers will receive a letter of notification, and interest on overdue payments will be charged based on the due date. Upon failure of payment for three months, the Company reserves the rights to terminate the Customer’s access to the Service without notice until the noncompliance has been remedied. 

  3. Customers have 14 days, beginning with the day of delivery of the Product, to cancel the purchase by written statement to the Company to, and receive a refund, provided that the Product has not been used and remains in its original packaging, and that it has been returned within 14 days. The Customer is responsible for any cost of returning the Product. Irrespective of the above, the Customer is responsible for any decreased value of the Product caused by its treatment, other than such that is necessary to determine its quality, character, and function.   

  4. Charges for Services are in general not refunded, regardless of attendance. Notwithstanding, the Customer has 14 days, beginning with the day of purchase of the Service, to cancel the purchase by written statement to The Customer will then receive a refund within 14 days of receipt of the statement, without prejudice to sections 2.5 and 2.6. If the Service has been partially exploited when the purchase is canceled, the refund will be reduced in proportion to the Service exploitation prior to the cancellation. If the Company has provided the full Service within 14 days, regardless of the Customer’s attendance, this waives the Customer’s right to cancel the Service. 

  5. In regard to certain types of Services, the Customer receives training material by email directly after the purchase of the Service and before the course begins. This training material is an integral part of the Service and therefore amounts to 80% of the total price of the Service. By purchasing Services where the above applies, the Customer consents beforehand to receiving the training material prior to the time limit according to section 2.4 and that by receiving the training material the Customer waives the right to cancel the purchase. 

  6. The Company offers travel packages in the form of organized treatment trips containing transit to and from the destination, accommodation, and a course at the destination. If the Company receives a cancellation for an organized treatment trip more than 60 days before departure, the Customer is entitled to a 100% refund of the total price of the trip. If the cancellation is received 59 days before departure, or later, the total price of the trip is non-refundable. Cancellation should be submitted by email to The Company reserves the right to cancel a package treatment trip in exchange for a full refund to the Customers, if the number of registered participants is lower than the minimum required.

  7. Customers do not have the right to transfer their membership access to the Service to another individual. By transferring their access, the Customer is no longer entitled to access to the Service, short-term or long-term.

3.  Data Protection

  1. The Company respects the privacy of its Customers and is committed to protecting it. All personal data collected and treated by the Company are confidential and will not be transferred or sold to a third party. The Company’s privacy policy sets out the basis on which any personal data is collected, used, and processed at any given time. 

4.  Safety Conditions and Limitations of Liability

  1. Any Customer needs to have reached the age of 18 to get access to the Service or exploit it in any way. 

  2. The Customer accepts and approves specifically that the Company does not provide medical advice and the Service does not replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice. Furthermore, the Customer accepts the fact that the Service they purchase from the Company may include challenging and difficult exercises that are related to, but are not limited to, various types of cold therapy. The Company advises its Customers specifically to avoid such challenging exercises if it appears that they are physically unable to perform them. If the Customer has any reason to believe that they have a disease of any kind, or are suffering from other physical ailments, the Company advises the Customer to submit to a health review or seek advice and approval from a medical doctor, or other professional health care worker, before they begin participation in any program, course, exercise, therapy, physical activity or other activities related to the Service. In any occurrence, the Customer agrees in a clear manner that participation in the Service is completely based on their own decision, at their own risk and responsibility, and that the Company is not in any way liable for any damage caused by the Service. Furthermore, for the avoidance of doubt, by purchasing access to the Service with the Company, or exploiting its Services, the Customer confirms that they are able to participate in any physical activity and challenges that the Service may entail, and that they agree to take full responsibility for risks, should they exceed their physical limitations and capacity.  

  3. The Customer, and anyone who inherits the Customer, waive any claims imposed on the Company, its owners, staff, or other empowered agents, including independent contractors (“Agents”) and alleviate the Agents from any responsibility, claims and/or cause of action that the Customer may have in connection to injury or other damage caused by the Service.

  4. The Customer agrees that the Terms and Conditions are binding for anyone who inherits them, assignees and any person that might impose any claims on the Customer or through them.

5.  Legal Framework and Jurisdiction

  1. Validity, form, and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, and any claims, conflicts or legal proceedings that may be the consequence of or relate to the Terms and Conditions, including any non-contractual liabilities, shall pertain to Icelandic law and be interpreted according to Icelandic law.

  2. The Company and the Customer that exploits the Service according to these Terms and Conditions agree that any claims, conflicts, or legal proceedings that may relate to these Terms and Conditions or the Service shall pertain to the jurisdiction of the Icelandic court of law.


Reykjavík, January 12th, 2022.


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