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Our work for the community

Over the past years, we have seen thousands of transformational stories from people coming from all walks of life. Reporting e.g. decades of chronic pain that had finally reduced and being able to live a normal life again, faster recovery after an operation, allergies that subsided, addiction that was overcome, being able to go back to work after years of battling burnout and depression, being able to go out for walks again, controlling stress better as a special forces police officer, a psychologist who was close to a burnout turning his practice around, being a calmer and better parent, or even spending the last couple of years of terminal cancer without needing to take all the pain medication. These are only a few of the incredible reports we have received over the years.

Our aim is that for every single person that comes to us, with these techniques and teachings, we will leave them better than when we found them. Even if it is only planting seeds, removing weeds, or blossoming well-rooted trees, this is what drives our work. To help as many people as we can reconnect with themselves when they are feeling lost and disempowered. As well as offering preventative methods to avoid it or prevent it from happening again. And with that, contribute to a community with fewer people on leave from work, disability, and disconnection from themselves.

Creating a space to help the community, by encouraging self-health which is becoming a strong force in the future of health, lowering the costs of healthcare, and having an active community and strong economy. 

Andri Iceland

Andri is a health & Personal Development Coach and the founder of ANDRI ICELAND - a transformational health and wellness coaching center focused on sharing the benefits of Cold Therapy, Breathwork, and the Power of the mind -among other evidence-based Mind-Body techniques.


Driven by the direct teachings from world-renowned authors, coaches, and teachers in the field of Mind-Body techniques, Andri has become a go-to reference in Iceland for those seeking a transformational experience like no other. There is simply something profoundly unique one discovers when deepening our understanding of breathwork, challenging old belief patterns, and going into ice-cold water. It’s a simple way to rediscover your abilities to take back the control of your automatic stress response and learn to be OK no matter what. It’s learning to be in the eye of the hurricane.

Among his various studies, Andri holds the following relevant certifications:

  • Health & Personal Development Coach

  • Level 2 Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor

  • Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor

  • XPT Performance Breathing Certified Coach

  • Buteyko Clinic International Certified Instructor

The focus of my work is STRESS. Teaching simple yet powerful techniques on how to work and be ok under stressful conditions. Learning to keep a clear focus without letting the situation control. Taking that practice to your daily life.

STRESS is directly linked to your immune system and overall mental and physical wellbeing. It is time to take your power back!

Vilhjálmur Andri Einarsson - Andri Iceland
XPT performance breathing certified instructor - Andri Iceland
Wim Hof Method certified instructor Andri Iceland
Oxygen Advantage certified Instructor - Andri Iceland
Buteyko Clinic International certified instructor Andri Iceland



island i dag.png

Ísland í dag - Öndun og kæling breytti lífinu


Vala Matt fékk að heyra allt um ótrúlega einfalda öndunartækni þar sem streitan og vanlíðanin hreinlega rennur af manni. 

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