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Our most personalized program so far.  All the different techniques Andri has learned over the years to take his health, endurance, body, and mind to a new level, put together into a transformational experience: LIMITLESS. 
Customized completely for you

This is about doing the work together with Andri, getting an exclusive fast track into discovering what took him years to learn and apply on himself, in just a few sessions. Covering all subjects, from the most obvious to the sneakiest of the blind spots that keep you from being "OK no matter what". 

  • Rewire your body & mind 

  • Discover your upmost potential 

  • Simple yet powerful techniques to transform your health

  • Learn to be in the eye of the hurricane of life. Being Ok no matter what.

  • Take the driving seat of your life. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Leave behind anything that is holding you back, for good

Among other things, you can work with Andri to address:

  • Simple and effective tools to get you on track with your goals

  • Understanding your mind-body connection

  • Increase willpower and self-control

  • Learning how to tackle any stress

  • Breathing for optimal health

  • Breathing-related conditions (e.g asthma)

  • Cold Exposure. Getting in touch with your stress and learn to let go of it

  • Using cold as a health tool

  • Movement. Understanding how your body works

  • Fat loss

  • Sports Performance

  • Improved endurance

  • Tools to let go of inflammation and chronic pain

  • The science behind these methods

Only 2 spots are available each month. Taught in person and can also be requested online.

Option to request the program for a small group (max 5 people).

"My weeklong Limitless experience with Andri was incredible. I had no prior experience with cold therapy and actually hated the cold, but I was looking to challenge myself. Andri is the real deal. He has a level of knowledge, experience and most importantly, wisdom that blew me away. I felt safe stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself under his direction in ways I would never have imagined, like jumping off a cliff into the glacial water. Our helicopter adventure to a remote lake was a life changing experience. Surrendering to the cold in the lake and the breathing exercises afterwards helped me find a peace that has stayed with me since then." - Mark



Duration: 10 hours spread between 2 to 30 days 

  • Customized program with Andri. Indoor & Outdoor. Icelandic Nature, Movement, Breathwork, Cold Therapy. Focused on your health & personal development goals.

  • Free access to Andri's breathwork sessions

Location: ANDRI ICELAND Studio or Online (Zoom)

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