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1 week LIMITLESS program


Duration: 2 to 7 days 

  • Few hours of training per day with Andri. Outdoor, Icelandic Nature, Movement flow, Breathwork, physical and mental challenges, Ice baths, adventures and lots of fun.

  • Daily Checklist for the rest of the day (expect the unexpected) 

  • Power of The Mind work

  • Science discussions

  • Free access to Andri's breathwork sessions (optional)

Ideal if: You are eager to discover and incorporate these tools straight away, or you live outside of Iceland and like to experience this raw nature in a unique and challenging way. 

Andri was an amazing guide! I loved hearing about his life journey and the importance of breathwork. The guided meditation was so powerful. The cold therapy was more challenging than I had anticipated but worth trying. I felt so alive and with Andri’s guidance, was able to stay in a calm state of mind. This experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and will be an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I feel motivated to use the tools and knowledge Andri shared back home. A must-try experience!! 


Much better than expected. Andrí is a spectacular teacher and I will be carrying what I have learned with me throughout life. I have never been more relaxed than I was during Nature Cold Therapy.


Andri is an exceptional guide! He explained and guided us through this experience so well. We will take his teachings with us for the rest of our lives. We appreciate this experience and Andri so much. Highly recommended!


My fiancé and I were blown away with how it made us feel and the state of consciousness that we fell into. Definitely something we want to continue practicing, and have already implemented breathing techniques into our daily routine


During the session, you learn about the WimHof method and its benefits, practice breathing techniques and get into cold water, by using the breathing techniques and how to recover. Andri is very dedicated, personable and supported me throughout the session. The studio is super relaxing too. A unique life experience that you will carry with you all your life - if you continue practising of course! Highly recommend it!


My father and I spontaneously booked this experience the day of and we are so grateful we did. Andri’s powerful yet calming energy takes you on a one hour journey of discovery. I would recommend this transformational experience to anyone who is open to discovering more about oneself.


What a wonderful experience… I was the only person for this group, so it turned out to be more of a private lesson! Andri is so kind and patient while explaining new things, and he really made this an incredible two hours. I never thought I would be able to get into freezing cold water with any measure of success, but I feel I now have the tools to do it again and again. 


Our cold therapy experience with Andri was a great way to begin our trip in Iceland. It gave us an idea of how to handle some of our colder experiences that were yet to come, such as Silfra snorkeling. What we learned was great lessons for life and I believe that what Andri teaches can be truly be life changing if you open your heart and mind to it.


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