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We offer you a space for self-discoveries in Iceland's pristine locations.


Our retreats are organized around the Wim Hof Method, but include many other practices we have learned along our journey. We offer unique locations in Icelandic nature, enabling you to disconnect from everything and tap into your innate abilities.

Our retreats include:


Cold Therapy-Wim Hof Method

Led by a Wim Hof Method level 2 instructor, you will be invited to discover it's benefits and how to use it as a mental and physical tool, embracing the art of letting go in tough situations.

Cold therapy is suited for anyone that would like to challenge and explore their own innate capabilities. It is also a powerful tool to address the following:

- For endurance
- For Optimal Health
- For Chronic Pain
- For Stress Relief
- For Mental Peace 
- For Weight Loss

We won't say more, as the rest is yours to discover. 



We will lead you through different breathing techniques, explaining you the science behind them as well as how to use your breath consciously with awareness and intent, for optimal health, stress relief and much more. 



Andri has learned various movement modalities to either use when working with the cold, for strength/endurance, for mental focus or just for fun! He loves to share his knowledge, and you never know when he will start showing you one of his new moves!


Unique locations away from crowds 

We offer comfortable accommodation pristine Icelandic nature, away from crowds.

Our activities are both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to experience the unlimited battery charge that Icelandic nature has offers.

Food Blogger

Food for the soul

We love to respect our body with abundance and good food, and we want to share this with you. All the meals are specifically chosen for your body to function at its best and cooked with love by our Chef (and nutritionist).

The meals are plant based, and not leaving anyone hungry!



Learn the power of group synergy! 
We love to see in our retreats, how, by taking care of ourselves and putting ourselves first, we are more able to connect to others in a positive way. 



Men-only retreats

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Retreats for cool men and women

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Private Retreats


Let us know if you are interested in booking a private retreat.

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