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Retreats in Iceland

Tap into the power of cold, heat, and breath. It awakens our natural defenses, boosts metabolism, and restores the balance between body and mind. The cure for our modern lifestyle diseases is already here. It's called "lifestyle". Experience holistic health as nature intended it for optimal human potential. This retreat allows you to find this empowerment and balance in unique Icelandic nature, away from crowds, enabling you to disconnect from everything and tap into your innate abilities.

A note from Andri:

There are only 2 retreats this fall.

Join me on an epic, empowering, and life-changing adventure with a small group of only 12 people!


The retreats aim to show you the power you have to be ok no matter what. While having fun, going on adventures in pristine Icelandic nature, and connecting with a great group of people. Putting your physical and mental health as the top priority and ensuring you go back home with a whole new view of yourself and life.


There is no prior experience nor requirements (besides being over 18). The retreat will allow you to go in-depth and discover how incredible your mind and body can be when you tap into its full potential. Each person listens to their body, without forcing. This is not a space to be tough... everyone can do that. You come here to learn a deeper sense of empowerment, letting go of old tendencies that hold you back, a whole new sense of resiliency, staying calm amidst the stress, and understanding how to work with the power of your mind. Tools that you will take with you and use for life.


The small group setting allows me to really get to know you and have that quality time to personalize any teachings as needed. Be ready for full-day schedules with me, using each day to the fullest.


I look forward to sharing some amazing days filled with personal growth, adventures, and fun!





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Cold - Wim Hof Method

Discover the mental and physical benefits of using Cold. Suitable for anyone who would like to challenge and explore their own innate capabilities. It is also a powerful tool to address the following:

  • For Endurance

  • For Optimal Health

  • For Chronic Pain

  • For Stress Relief

  • For Mental Peace 

  • For Weight Loss



You will be led through different breathing techniques, explaining you the science behind them as well as how to use your breath with awareness and intent, for optimal health, stress relief, and much more. 

Sauna with View

Heat - Sauna

The old tradition of sauna therapy, especially used in Nordic countries of Europe, has been matched by extensive research showing the impact it has on our health in the long run. A lifestyle practice you will learn to use following the science-based Thermalist method.


Various movement modalities used when working with cold, for strength/endurance, for mental focus, or just for fun.

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An abundance of high-quality food. All meals are specifically chosen and cooked by our Chef (and nutritionist).


Small group

Quality small-group retreats. Full-day schedules with Andri. Personalized teachings. You come to focus on yourself and get to create great connections with the rest of the group.

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Unique locations away from crowds 

We offer comfortable accommodation in pristine Icelandic nature, away from crowds. Our activities are both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to experience the unlimited battery charge that Icelandic nature offers.

This retreat is about getting together, challenging, sharing, connecting and supporting each other.
Discovering in the process that you have within the power to be OK no matter what.



When and Where

We meet at our studio in Reykjavik and go from there to the retreat center.
The exact timing depends on the retreat you choose.

For Whom

Suitable for anyone, over 18 years old, that has the call to join this adventure. 
You will take with you knowledge on how to tackle the following:


  • Working with daily stress

  • Putting your wellbeing first

  • Improved Endurance

  • Optimal Health

  • Dealing with chronic Pain

  • Mental Peace

  • Better sleep

  • Weight Loss

  • Feeling fully empowered in life

What is included?

  • All activities and teaching

  • All meals (healthy meals cooked at location by our private chef and nutritionist)

  • Transportation from/to Reykjavik

  • Accommodation in a private bedroom with bathroom

  • Nature adventures & group synergy

What to expect

  • Disconnecting from your daily routine

  • Understanding and excelling your mind-body connection

  • Breathwork (Wim Hof Method, Oxygen advantage, and more)

  • Cold Exposure (Wim Hof Method and Andri’s techniques)

  • Learning to let go of stress in tough situations

  • Using cold as a mental and physical health tool

  • Power of the mind challenges 

  • Empowerment

  • Movement

  • Releasing tension/stress

  • Building resilience

  • The power of group synergy

  • Nature, nature, and more nature!


​We will be staying close to the powerful Hekla volcano in Hella. Perfectly located surrounded by nature and near many amazing spots for our activities. You get your own spacious bedroom with a private bathroom. 

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  • Wim Hof Method RETREAT November 2024
    Wim Hof Method RETREAT November 2024
    Nov 08, 2024, 8:00 AM – Nov 10, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Hella, Hella, Iceland
    Nov 08, 2024, 8:00 AM – Nov 10, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Hella, Hella, Iceland
    Wim Hof Method Retreat
  • Wim Hof Method RETREAT December 2024
    Wim Hof Method RETREAT December 2024
    Dec 06, 2024, 8:00 AM – Dec 08, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Hella, Hella, Iceland
    Dec 06, 2024, 8:00 AM – Dec 08, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Hella, Hella, Iceland
    Wim Hof Method Retreat

Andri was for me the perfect instructor. He has so much knowledge about breathing and being calm during an icebath. Andri is a very authentic person. I'm so thankful that he shared so many experiences with us. The landscape in iceland was amazing. I'm so thankful for all the experience I have made.


Such a fabulous experience, it surpassed all my expectations. Andri was an inspiration and for me the location was perfect , what better place than Iceland to be in the cold. I would highly recommend and I shall continue with cold therapy


Amazing. Inspiring. Mindblowing. Professional. Empowering. Relaxing.
I will continue practicing the Wim Hof method, knowing that it can help me in so many ways.
I am truly thankful for the opportunity to learn how to let go and change my life. Now it's on me to do it.
Thank you ❤


This was spectacular. Life changing! Surely recommend this to anyone and look forward to continue practicing and attend more workshops/retreats with Andri


Andri was just an incredibly calm and confidence-inducing instructor, who always motivated us and made us feel calm and in control throughout the toughest experiences.

I have recommended him and his retreats to my friends back home and hope we can corss paths again in the near future.


I can't fault the weekend in any way - Andri was inspirational and encouraging throughout. The teaching and guiding was clear and I feel I have lots of information to enable me to continue my journey at home.
The venue was perfect, cosy and compact, with lovely countryside all around. I'm totally buzzing about the whole experience!


My friend and I did a weekend with Andri and I won't reveal the details, as that is part of the deal, but it is not an exaggeration to say that we were given the experience of a life time and if you are in any doubt as to the benefits of cold water or breathing, sign up now and change your life!


Andri & his familly provided us all with an amazing experience in Iceland! Breathtaking locations, great food and rooms, and an overall unforgettable experience.
Andri is very knowledgeable, conveys calmness and serenity throughout the entire time, and you always feel comfortable to do all the activities with safety. Definitely recommend for an overwhelming experience in cold, cold iceland!


Andri is truly exceptional. Very engaging, excellently planned weekend, and his story is truly inspiring. I had an amazing time and am already looking forward to the next one. Thanks again.


Thank you for the most amazing and rewarding long weekend course. Andri and the team are absolutely fantastic and it provided the perfect balance of giving us regular challenges but also being hugely enjoyable. I learnt an enormous amount and left on a total high. 

Very grateful. 


The weekend provided a good range of activities that developed my knowledge and confidence in my own abilities. Andri adapted the programme to accomodate challenging weather. The small group afforded supportive and inclusive relationships to be formed. Thank you.


I got this trip to Iceland as a birthday present from my family. If I had remotely guessed the effect this course would have on my life, I would have done myself this favor much sooner.
Everything was just right here: the location, the people, the program, the atmosphere, the fantastic food from a wonderful chef and of course Andri himself. He is a good soul and lives the concept. His energy brings you to your own limits. This course should be mandatory for all people who want to make a better version of themselves. I will be back. Much love!

Dr. Firas

This retreat was the best experience I ever had.
Thanks to this method I finally find my peace after all these years of anxiety.
My life is changed!


Men-only retreats

New dates soon

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Andri Iceland

Andri is the founder of ANDRI ICELAND, a health and wellness coaching center dedicated to harnessing the power of cold exposure, breathwork, heat therapy, and the mind, among other evidence-based programs. With professional training and certifications from world-renowned authors, coaches, and teachers in the fields of Lifestyle Medicine and Mind-Body techniques, Andri has established himself as a leading authority in Iceland for those seeking a unique transformational experience.

At ANDRI ICELAND, the elements of cold, heat, breath, and mind are combined to strengthen natural defenses, enhance metabolic function, and achieve balance between body and mind. This holistic approach caters to everyone, from those looking to combat modern lifestyle diseases to individuals striving for optimal health and vitality, promoting well-being as nature intended and unlocking optimal human potential.

Andri holds the following relevant certifications:

  • Health & Personal Development Coach

  • Level 2 Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor

  • Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor

  • XPT Performance Breathing Certified Coach

  • Buteyko Clinic International Certified Instructor

  • Thermalist method Certified Instructor

Private Retreats

Let us know if you are interested in booking a private retreat.

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