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XPT performance breathing certified instructor
Wim Hof Method certified instructor iceland - Andri iceland
Oxygen Advantage certified instructor Andri Iceland
Buteyko Clinic international certified instructor

Why breathwork?

With chronic stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, auto-immune conditions, burnouts, and other stress-related conditions on the rise worldwide, it is time to go back to the basics and make fundamental changes for good.

The good news is that breathing is a trending topic. People are becoming conscious of the power of breathwork for optimal performance and better health. Taking proactive measures to improve their own health, build resilience and explore their full potential. 

Breathwork has been around for centuries. There are countless methods and techniques available today. From esoteric approaches to evidence-based protocols. From breathing exercises for specific outcomes to functional breathing in your everyday life. Yet, all of them have in essence the same core principles. The goal is to bring you back into a state of balance. To your center. One breath at a time. Here and now. 


You will be guided into the essence of breathwork. Finding balance, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Using the combination of what we know works to get the best out of each breath. Giving you the tools, the understanding, for you to master within your own practice.


“You can exercise all you want, eat all the right foods, sleep 8 hours at night. If you are not breathing right, you will always be sick. 99% of people are breathing dysfunctionally. They don’t realize the damage they are doing to their bodies and brains by being this way.” - James Nestor, international bestseller on breathing. 

Some of the known benefits of breathwork:

  • Physical and mental balance

  • Release stress

  • Optimize well-being

  • Boost immunity

  • More energy

  • Improve athletic endurance

  • Emotional balance

  • Improve sleep

  • Deeper meditation

  • Trauma relief

  • Increased metabolism

  • Mental clarity​

  • More focus

  • Increase willpower and self-control

Breathing right matters.

Let’s talk about some of the evidence-based methods that I teach:

  • Wim Hof Method - Level 2 Certified Instructor

  • Buteyko Clinic International - Certified Instructor

  • Oxygen Advantage - Certified Instructor

  • XPT Performance Breathing - Certified Coach

I often get asked the difference between these evidence-based methods, and people often wonder which one is better. Yet, in truth, they are unique and also complimentary depending on the person and desired outcomes for overall mental and physical health.

  • The Wim Hof Method breathwork is a powerful breathing exercise to obtain various health benefits: more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response to deal with pathogens. Combining this with cold therapy and mindset to learn to keep oneself in balance amidst any circumstance. Learning to be OK no matter what.

  • The Buteyko method focuses more on the way we breathe and targets people who have health or craniofacial issues related to their breathing. Adapted for children, teenagers, and adults of all ages offering specific breathing exercises and protocols applied for specific health conditions.

  • Oxygen Advantage training is optimizing breathing patterns in healthy people, with the goal of improving recovery, energy levels, focus, concentration, and exercise performance.

  • Finally, XPT focuses on extreme athletic performance and how to use breathwork for improved results.

The way you breathe strongly affects the chemical and physiological activities in your body. The amount of oxygen that we inhale through our breathing, influences the amount of energy that is released into our body cells. Breathing is the easiest and most instrumental part of the autonomic nervous system to control and navigate. 

The various methods that Andri teaches have been linked to reducing symptoms of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, sarcoidosis, vasculitis, and several autoimmune diseases.

Anda með Andra - Breathe with Andri

Anda með Andra
Weekly breathwork sessions

Duration: 1h per session.

  • 1h of led breathing, where you will experience various breathing exercises and techniques, with music and sound healing instruments to deepen the experience. 
  • The session starts and ends with a deep relaxation
  • Optional Ice bath available at our studio for those that have learned cold therapy​/Wim Hof Method.​

Option to buy single passes.
Due to limited space, tickets must be purchased in advance.

Anda Rétt workshop - Breathe right workshop

Anda Rétt
Breathwork Workshop

Learn about the transformational capabilities of breathwork to optimize your health, mentally and physically. With simple, yet powerful tools.

  • Going into the depths of breathwork and functional breathing.

  • Understanding your own breathing patterns and making appropriate adjustments.

  • How to take control of your stress response and interact optimally with any stressor by using your breath.

  • Understanding the physiology of the breath, the power of our mind, and the implications of our focus towards a healthier mind and body. Away from chronic stress. 

  • Going deeper into the understanding of the importance of breathwork. Learning the science and the practical aspect of correct breathing and breathing exercises to improve health

“A calming breathing technique for stress, anxiety and panic takes just a few minutes and can be done anywhere.”

“Even as little as one minute of deep breathing can lessen anxiety and reduce stress hormones in your bloodstream.”

“WHO’s stress management guides provides information and practical skills e.g. breathing exercises to help people cope with stress.”

“The number one thing to get under control when you are feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious”

Myotape, Nasal dilator & Sport Mask

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