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Breathwork Sessions

Andri will lead you into a very unique approach to breathwork. This 1-hour group session (onsite or live online) will start with a short explanation of the benefits. You will then lay down for the led breathwork accompanied by music and instruments Andri plays, finishing with a deep relaxation.


Why breathwork? With chronic stress, anxiety, burnout, and other stress-related conditions on the rise worldwide, it is time to go back to the basics and make fundamental changes for good.

The good news is that breathing is now mainstream. People are becoming conscious of the power of breathwork for optimal performance and better health. ​

Breathwork has been around for centuries. Countless methods and techniques are available today, from esoteric approaches to evidence-based protocols. Yet, all of them have in essence the same core principles. The goal is to bring you back into a state of balance. To your center. One breath at a time. Here and now.


Breathwork has shown to:

Decrease inflammation

Enhance the immune system

Improve mood and well-being

Reduce stress and anxiety

Pain suppression

Speed up metabolism

Improve sleep


Note: The booking cut-off time is 24 hours. You will be joining an experience with other local participants. Private groups can be requested at different times. Great for team building. Important to be early as the session will start sharp on time. 

Option to go into the cold tubs after the session for those who practice cold therapy.


Read more about breathwork here

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