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Power of The Mind

Kraftur hugans | Ekkert

Are you ready to challenge your ability to be OK no matter what?

Putting to the test your mind-body capabilities and resilience.


In life, we need to be ready for the unpredictable. Being open to whatever happens in the moment.


This workshop is focused on reaching spaces out of your comfort zone and having to use your own abilities and skills to address them. Each time there will be a surprise theme and challenge to be accomplished.


If you are ready to discover your response to unpredictable challenges, both for the mind and for the body, then you are ready for this Power of the Mind workshop. 


During this workshop we will work with:

  • The depths of our mind-body capabilities

  • Physical challenges

  • Mental challenges

  • Group and individual tasks

  • Indoors and outdoor locations


Requirements: To take part in this workshop you must be prepared to take on physical and mental challenges. Having completed “Hættu að Væla Komdu að Kæla” workshop is recommended and not necessary.


*Note: We offer the option to split the payment if needed. Possibility to get a refund from your union. Contact us for more info. 


*Important: This workshop is not suitable for pregnant women or people with severe cardiovascular conditions. Please consult with your doctor regarding any health condition prior to taking part in this workshop.

New dates soon
Power of the mind

Workshop Program

Duration: 2 Weeks - 4 times a week

  • Unknown challenges each session
  • Daily homework challenges for the duration of the workshop

  • Private Facebook group for follow up.


  • Unlimited follow up

  • Access to the exclusive ANDRI ICELAND community of Amazing Ones across the world. 

  • Mastering the practice and knowledge you have gained

Ideal if: You are eager to challenge your mind body connection and test the limits of your own inner abilities to be OK no matter what

New dates soon
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