Discover YOUR upmost Potential


For Endurance

Techniques to boost your metabolism and energy levels for increased athletic performance.

For Stress Relief

Breathing is the direct door to your nervous system. A simple, yet powerful tool to learn to let go of excessive stress and remain calm amidst life storms.

Optimal Heath

For Optimal Health

Discover tools for a stronger immune system. Healthy body, clear mind and happier self.

Mental Peace

For Mental Peace

The mind reflects your physical and emotional balance. Discover how to become limitless by using the power-tools our thoughts have to offer.

Chronic Pain

For Chronic Pain

Learn to embrace the pain and consciously work with it through simple and effective ways.

For Weight Loss

Learn how to listen to your body and use the help of the Cold to get a better understanding of your mind-body connection.



Ready for a transformation? ANDRI ICELAND offers experiences across the world (through workshops, retreats & private sessions) using the Power of the Mind, Cold Therapy, Breath-work and Movement to be reborn into a new mind and body!


Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

Let stress go. Discover your own abilities to be OK no matter what. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.


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Breathwork - Anda með Andra


Fueling your body optimally. Activating a positive domino effect

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Power of the mind

Power of the Mind

Be in the eye of the hurricane.
Your thoughts create your reality. Are you ready to challenge everything?

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Weight Loss

Discover your mind-body connection



Become Limitless


Take the driving seat of your life.
Leaving behind anything that is holding you back, for good.

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Movement Flow

Flow, body awareness, tension release. 

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Who we are

Behind every person there is a story.

This is our transformational story. When we met, ANDRI ICELAND as a company was born.
Our passion resides in finding that which makes YOUR transformational story happen. 




Born in the land of Ice and Fire, Iceland. Andri is a Transformational Coach. Focused on Mind Body techniques which impacted his life to the point to define himself as being “reborn”. The inflection point when decades of severe chronic lumbar pain and migraines finally disappeared. This transformation is what led him to start sharing the benefits of Cold Therapy, Breathwork, Power of the mind, Movement among other evidence-based Mind Body techniques, to thousands of people. Aiming to guide others into the same empowering benefits.

Driven by the direct teachings from world renowned authors, coaches and teachers in the field of Mind-Body techniques, Andri has become a go-to reference by those seeking a transformational coaching experience like no other. There is simply something profoundly unique one discovers when going into ice-cold water, challenging old belief patterns, deepening our understanding of breathwork, while being led by Andri. It’s a simple way to rediscover your abilities to take back the control of your automatic stress response and learn to be OK no matter what. It’s learning to be in the eye of the hurricane.

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Original from the land of sun and heat, Spain. Tanit is a Transformational Coach focused on evidence-based Mind Body techniques for self improvement. 

She comes from a long corporate background where her own burnout experience led her to understand the importance of a balanced life and strong connection to our own inner abilities for self-care. She blends her knowledge and studies from renowned methods across the world on personal development, mindfulness, yoga, mental and physical well being, including Cold Therapy (she is a Level 2 Wim Hof Method certified Instructor) among other techniques, to take you to your next level. 

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What People Say

Amazing place to start the first day of the rest of your life.
I went in with no expectations, came out with new outlook on life. Already using the mindset in all aspects in my life, relationships, workout and daily tasks. Not just to handle cold water.

— Þór, Iceland




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